Be compassionate and vibrate higher!

There is something very gloomy all around us, we are all locked up and scared to move out. Our happiness is shadowed by the ever increasing sufferings and death-counts. COVID-19 has become the talk of the town, each one of us is taking all the possible measures to boost our immunity and fight the demon.

But do we even know that the healing power/ the cure lies within us. Elaborating the same, I would want to discuss here the contents of a book which was compiled & edited by Naturotherapist Dr. Harshal Sancheti, Nasik but the original source of this information is from the book “Power vs Force” based on David R Hawkin’ doctral thesis.

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But what I have to offer here will only be understood by compassionate hearts:

The covid virus has a vibration of 5.5hz and dies above 25.5hz.

For humans with a higher vibration, infection is a minor irritant that is soon eliminated. The reasons for having low vibration could be:

FEAR AND PHOBIA:0.2 to 2.2hz.

And certainly we shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits…

Quran 2:155

SUSPICION: Low frequency (exact value not available)

Beware of suspicion, for suspicion is the worst of false tales.

Sahih Bukhari

ANXIETY, STRESS AND TENSION (exact value not available)

If something good happens to a believer, he gives thanks, and that is good for him, and if something bad happens to him, he bears it with patience, and that is good for him.

Muslim 2999


There is no superiority for an Arab over a non-Arab, nor for a non-Arab over an Arab. Neither is the white superior over the black, nor is the black superior over the white — except by piety and good action.

Quote of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh)

PRIDE: 0.8 hz.

No one who has the weight of a seed of arrogance in his heart will enter Paradise

Quote of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh)

The frequency of the earth today is 27.4hz but there are places that vibrate very low like: hospitals, assistance centers, jails, underground etc. It is where the vibration drops to 20hz or less.

For humans with low vibration, the virus becomes dangerous. A higher vibration on the other hand is the outcome of the following behaviour :-


A man’s true wealth is the good he does in this world.

Quote of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh), Khalil Gibran and Mahatma Gandhi


Look at those who are below you and do not look at those above you, for it is more suitable lest you look down on Allah’s blessings [bestowed upon] you.

Saheeh Muslim Hadeeth 2963

COMPASSION: 150 hz or more.

Allah shows compassion only to those among his slaves who are compassionate.

Al Bukhari and Muslim

The frequency of Love and Compassion for all living beings is 150 Hz and more.

So Vibrate Higher!!!

What helps us vibrate high?
Loving, smiling, blessing, thanking, playing, meditating, walking in the sun, exercising, enjoying nature, etc. Foods that the earth gives us: seeds, grains, cereals, legumes, fruits and vegetables. Drinking water helps us vibrate higher.

The vibration of prayer alone ranges from 120 to 350 hz
So laugh, love, meditate, pray, give thanks and live!
Let’s vibrate high !!!

Increase your bandwidth and immunity just by being compassionate, generous and full of gratitude. It’s not rocket science; it just needs a pure and giving heart.

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