The word COMPASSION means love, kindness, care and concern for the suffering and misfortune of others. Does this ring a bell? Does this remind you of someone? Those who know Prophet Mohammed know he was brought as a mercy to this world and was the most compassionate one ever.


It’s the birth anniversary of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as he was sent as a MERCY FOR THE MANKIND.

The sad part is we, his followers haven’t spread the message of his greatness, instead we focus to discuss and argue over petty things.

This has happened in history and even recently when people mocked and defamed him. As a result, many Muslims show feelings of extreme anger, revenge and some even commit acts of violence against those who mock. But we all know that violence, hostility and antagonism were highly disliked by the Prophet and responding with violence was not his way, but with humility and wisdom.

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We should choose love over hate, kindness over animosity and forgiveness over revenge, such were the teachings of our Prophet.

Instead of being angry, the question we should really be asking is WHY do these people have such bad thoughts about our beloved Prophet in the first place? Maybe the truth is they judge him based on people who claim to be his followers. Knowingly or unknowingly, unfortunately we are the ones responsible for the damage done to his name as we haven’t followed his path the way he taught us.

The only motive of Compassion day is to spread the message and bring awareness to people regarding our beloved Prophet and if we collectively show people around us what he was, what he stood for and what his real teachings were- peace, love and compassion for all, maybe we can change the world’s perspective about him, maybe we can undo the damage done to his name, even if it is a small act of kindness, if we all collectively do it, our little voices together can make a difference.

As his follower we should be compassionate towards people around us.

This should reflect in our everyday lives but let’s at least dedicate one day in his memory and his name and show the world who he really was. The more we do, the more will people know the real teachings of our beloved Prophet. He was a blessing for mankind, so us performing acts of compassion will not only benefit the creations of the Almighty God but also help spread the teachings of our Prophet.

All those who claim themselves to be followers of Muhammad (saw) have a great responsibility as they represent the Prophet in today’s time by their deeds, good or bad. People don’t need to go any further but to simply know him from his followers. However the reality is we just claim to be his followers by words but our actions say otherwise.

Prophet only brought the message of peace and taught us exemplary teachings, good behavior and righteous acts so it’s the duty of every Muslim to follow his teachings and show the world the true values of our Prophet.

The Prophet also emphasized to seek education, he claimed whoever follows a path to seek knowledge, God will make it easy for him the path to paradise.

Education is not only the right, but the duty of every Muslim, which many have forgotten, some only focus on Islamic teachings and so are left behind in this world, they forget that even the Prophet asked to choose moderation over extreme in all matters.

Prophet Muhammad(saw) always instructed to do good, to feed poor, visit the sick and free the captives.

In an age of ignorance when people used to bury their daughters alive, he stood up for them, brought laws to end infanticide, gave women the rights to live with dignity and respect. He brought laws to support women, he gave them their right to vote, right to inherit, right to own property, right to choose a partner, right to divorce, right to be respected and treated fairly. He significantly improved women’s status in society. He is still one of the greatest lawgivers in history.

Even before he became a Prophet, everyone around him knew him as Honest and Trustworthy. He was kind to the poor and needy. He loved children, and took special care of orphans. In one of the hadiths, he said one who is a caregiver for an orphan, on the day of judgement he will be standing next to me.

He was kind to even his enemies and foes.

Once a woman who used to throw trash on him everyday, when she didn’t show up one day, he went to ask if she was doing okay, such was his level of kindness.

As a Muslim we should be following his path and truly be showing his traits by our actions. We should also live our lives in such a way that when someone thinks of a Muslim they think we are honest and trustworthy, we are kind and compassionate, we are caring and extra giving, we are a blessing and not a burden to the world.

For the few doing wrong in our name are causing great harm to our beautiful faith, it is now our responsibility to prove otherwise with our actions.

Let us all come together in this and show the world the true teachings of our beloved Prophet.

On Compassion day, perform acts of kindness like plant a tree, feed the animals, clean your surroundings, help the poor and needy, be good to people, donate blood, give away clothes, be good to people, call a friend you have grudges with, look after a child, check on an elderly neighbor, visit an orphanage or an old age home, wave at kids, adopt an animal, donate coloring books and crayons to kids in nearby hospital, thank your sanitation workers, cleaners, maids and make them feel special, give candy to kids, invite your neighbor for a dinner, smile at people you meet..

Do whatever little you can do, let’s all do at least one small act and make this big.

Let’s make a difference and make this world a better place to live.

Let’s start following the teachings of our beloved Prophet.

Let’s celebrate compassion day together!

Love and Peace.


12th Rabi ul Awwal

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Madiha Yusuf writes passionately for causes that matter. According to her, clear communication is vital to boost public awareness. As a morally responsible person, she does not take writing lightheartedly and instead uses her pen wisely. She aspires to become a doctor and is currently a 10th Grade Student at Delhi Public Global School. Whether it be her writings or her dream career, she wishes to serve humanity either way.

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