The first step to solve a problem is acknowledging the existence of the problem. Considering the situations that the world is dealing with, determining common grounds of society has become a necessity to eradicate the evils dwelling for ages. In order to address these pain points, the reform requires to begin from the grass-root level. WORK is a step to bring people closer by celebrating harmony and unity by focusing on the common grounds that humans share with each other. Functioning to weave back compassion and love in the fabric of society, the organization strives on instilling values and bringing people back to their roots. WORK is a reminder to humanity for coexistence and peace, to improve the world at large.
Compassion is a feeling that enables humans to pull others out of their miseries. And in the harsh reality that this world has become, this emotion is the only ray of hope that promises a better tomorrow. It all begins with you, as an individual, to become compassionate with yourself, let the belief in your Creator help you stand back on your feet, stronger and taller. Adapt to practice compassion with others, making this world a better place to live. WORK aims at building a world without boundaries, hatred, and discriminations, where humanity flourishes together as one. And this vision will become a reality with You, as a compassionate being of this society.

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What You Need to Know About WORK

WORK, as an organisation, strives to instil compassion in the hearts of people to help create an interconnected society living together as one.

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