12 Rabi ul Awwal #CompassionDay Special!


Punctuality of sun and moon

Actuality of pain and boon

Sensibility of eyes and brain

Gravity to God, thine is fame

Different creation with different choice

Someone dumb, some with voice

Someone deaf, some disturbed by noise

Growing up, reaching down stairs of life

Morning is sure after nights

Sail is sure after tides

Peace is sure after fights

No hopes after end of lives

You came in my heart from where?

Nobody is for my sorrows to share

I look at the world around in despair

And wonder what I can do for its welfare?

O God! Make me compassionate like your last Messenger! (pbuh)

And make me a regular in sharing human sorrows with utmost care.

Give me a heart which craves to be fair and is ready to spare!

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