WORK is a volunteer based organisation and all its members are volunteers. In accordance with the name WORK, the members or volunteers were called WORKers.


On Aug. 25, 1987, agreeing to the request of Syed Abdullah Tariq, Maulana Acharya Shams Naved Usmani permitted an organization to be formed with Syed Abdullah Tariq as its life-time President. At the time, there were 12 active members. Since then, he has been heading the organization except for a few short durations when others took over the reign from him on his own request.
The English name proposed by Maulana was World Organisation of Religions & Knowledge, WORK being its short form. Later since 1988 the organisation is known as Work Charitable Trust. He also proposed two more separate names in Hindi and Urdu. In Hindi, it was विश्व कल्याण आगम संस्थान (विकास) and in Urdu معتمر عالَمِ ایمان و دانش (معاد) Hindi and Urdu titles faded away with time and only the English name continued in usage.
WORK is a volunteer based organisation and all its members are volunteers. In accordance with the name WORK, the members or volunteers were called WORKers.

We, at WORK, felt that the discard division, hatred and discrimination in the mankind was mainly on the basis of religion, caste, creed and colour and the only way to unite the mankind under the umbrella of humanity was to stick to two principles that uniting on the basis of One God and One parentage.

WORK started the personal contact programme at the grass root level in 1989. Initially a small team under the leadership of its president began weekly trips to villages in Rampur district, delivering lectures on religious and human unity, citing references from different religious scriptures. The mode and message was strange for the people and though, the simple villagers appreciated the effort, there were all sort of misunderstandings and while the Hindu clergy was suspicious, the Muslim clergy opposed it in general. The Hindus thought the WORKers were for the conversion to Islam and the Muslims charged that they were converting Muslims to Hinduism. Overall, very few people came to work with WORK.

Then came December 1992 and with the demolition of Babri mosque, the scenario changed. After the initial shock, quite a number of Muslims disgruntled with the Muslim leadership, came to the fold of WORK and Hindus, in a few months’ time relaxed with an apparent victory, also became more receptive.

August 26, 1993 was a sad day as The Founder left us and departed for his heavenly abode.

Since 1994, WORK has been taking keen interest in imparting Interfaith Education to the Madrasa students and inspiring Muslims to take their guidance directly from Qur’an.

In the year 2001, WORK was registered as a Society. The WORKers performed commendable service during the massive earthquakes in Gujarat and Kashmir in 2001 and 2005 and during the communal riots in Gujarat in 2002. It has participated or organised a large number of Interfaith Dialogues, communal harmony and religious events of different religions since then and erected stalls in yearly events of World Book Fair and Chitrakoot Ramayana Mela. Other Public Welfare activities like free medical camps etc. also started in 2001.

In 2004, the organisation registered itself as a Charitable Trust. In the same year it started taking care of differently abled children, imparting expert advice to the parents.

In 2016, it started collaboration with an International Peace Organisation HWPL. The NGO is working for acceptance of legislation of ‘No War’ binding on all nations through the United Nations. WORK helped them organise many public programmes in different Indian cities.

In 2020, during the lockdown, WORK volunteers have been relentlessly undertaking relief WORK for the poor and deprived since March 25.

On June 1, 2020 WORK passed a resolution to expand its activities to other spheres of peace and social work like pollution, ecology, water conservation, implanting of trees and collaborating with Akhand Bharat Abhiyan.

EST : 1988
Work Charitable Trust

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WORK, as an organisation, strives to instil compassion in the hearts of people to help create an interconnected society living together as one.

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