Author: Fiza Noori

There is something very gloomy all around us, we are all locked up and scared to move out. Our happiness is shadowed by the ever increasing sufferings and death-counts. COVID-19 has become the talk of the town, each one of us is taking all the possible measures to boost our immunity and fight the demon. But do we even know that the healing power/ the cure lies within us. Elaborating the same, I would want to discuss here the contents of a book which was

TRUTH Punctuality of sun and moon Actuality of pain and boon Sensibility of eyes and brain Gravity to God, thine is fame Different creation with different choice Someone dumb, some with voice Someone deaf, some disturbed by noise Growing up, reaching down stairs of life Morning is sure after nights Sail is sure after tides Peace is sure after fights No hopes after end of lives You came in my heart from where? Nobody is for my sorrows to share I look at the world around in despair And wonder what I can do for its welfare? O God! Make me

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