Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)

A kind noble person remembered by all

The seal of the Prophets, now let’s hear upon his call

If we don’t stand united, our hearts gonna fall

So let’s act upon his sunnah, my brothers stand tall!

The message is quite simple, Qur’an has so much to say

In the month of Rabi-ul-awwal, we celebrate compassion day

This man taught us wisdom, showed Jannah is the way

Keep your Imaan real hard, and pray 5 times a day

He showed us compassion & taught us how to love

Allah has been watching from the heavens above

The path may be rough but, you gotta need to be tough

Zakat is a beauty, coz this is what we need to serve

Such a pure heart, he was a simple man

Showed us how to talk & care when it’s a woman

So, let’s try out a change I know we all can

Realise the duty of the mission that he had began

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Secular humanitarian who love to pen down his thoughts.

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