12 Rabi ul Awwal #Compassion Day Special: Forgiveness over Revenge!

In a society where death seems more inviting than life the moment a calamity falls, being born an Orphan did not deplete the spark of his faith rather he was the light that ignited the souls of millions. Leaving his matchless legacy of kindness and forbearance in the pages of history, being pictured as the world’s most influential person, WHO WAS HE?

Oh! How miserable the situation turned!
Beaten unconscious in the streets of Ta’if – a city nearby his hometown- blood flowing down his body so much so that the shoes he wore were soon filled with blood yet, the stone-pelting did not stop. The flesh of his legs ruptured and he bled so profusely from the stoning that his feet became clotted to his shoes.

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Alas! The best person of the Universe fell unconscious to the ground.
The fact that only a month passed that he no longer enjoyed the haven of his Uncle, Abu Talib, and his beloved wife, Khadijah, and this incident of Ta’if happened, takes us to stark realizations. The reminiscence of her presence was so strong that, years after her death when he once came across her necklace, he began to weep and cry, construing her as a woman who believed in him when others rejected him, trusted and comforted him when there was no one to lend a helping hand. Their story of immense love and respect gives us a glimpse of his beautiful character, who did not fear strong women rather elevated their status at the time of extreme oppression thereby, tearing apart the patriarchal pattern of dominance in what he preached and majorly through his actions.

This person was none but the messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), an epitome of mercy to mankind!
Finally turned down by mocking and jeering crowds- accused of being a magician for the mesmerizing effect of his words when he recited the Quran. For professing his faith meant ruthless torture and even execution- Muhammad (s.a.w) and his servant, Zaid, were deeply pained and miserably wounded as they left Taif behind.

Intensely hurt, deeply saddened by their actions, He called upon the Almighty in his broken tone. The skies trembled~ the heavens responded to his call! He was soon given a chance by the almighty, to revenge those who distressed him but how could he! He chose to forgive!
This person taught us the path to eternal love not only for the Creator but also for his creation!

So, When they ask you “Who was Muhammad (PBUH)?” Tell them.
The man who cried in the depths of nights for you & me.
The man who forgave the ones who pelted him until he bled.
The man who graciously responded to decades of aggression.
The man who refused to curse those who inflicted pain on him.
The man who raised the status of women when they were buried alive.
The man who did not despair in the face of persistent failures.
The man who stood out of respect when the funeral of a jew passed.
The man who taught you & me to love,
The love that faded.
Yet, the sight will again be raided
With love, love, and love!

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An art lover, investing aficionado, a wisdom seeker. Raging against the dying light, with craven soul and head held high, I move forward to instill love for tomorrow’s victory.


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