Author: Dr. Durdana Yasin

OH, ALLAH BE WITNESS! OH, ALLAH BE WITNESS!Compassion Day Special (12 Rabi ul Awwal) The creator is enraged, seeing all these gloomy times,Why the world is in ignorance when I already sent the signs? Seeing Him in fury, the Messenger fell prostrated,“Glory be to my Lord, Most High! I have done the job, why are you infuriated?”Oh, Allah be Witness! Oh, Allah be witness! Click here to sign the petition http://chng.it/LWdVprfk Oh, my Messenger, you said you commanded them to be upright,Then why the people are suffering and

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the embodiment of kindness. He asked his followers to be kind as it beautifies an individual. According to him, a kind word is a form of charity. So, which of the teachings of your prophet (pbuh) will you deny? He removed the social evils by stopping the killing of the female child. He also stopped forceful marriages. So, which of the teachings of your prophet (pbuh) will you deny? He forbade all kinds of intoxicants as it is the root of

12th Rabi Ul Awwal Special: #CompassionDay I’ve learnt from the Prophet (PBUH) gratitude and thankfulness that he never complained about life even when he had no parents, no wealth, born in an ignorant society and subjected to persecution and cruelty. I’ve learnt from the Prophet (PBUH) how to be the ocean of knowledge and wisdom, even without having any formal education. I’ve learnt from the Prophet (PBUH) to respect and care for the women and stand up for their rights in a society that used to bury the female child

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