WORK Bangalore Team visited Old Age Home

This was an initiative from Bangalore WORK Team. We visited an old age home of 25 people and distributed food and donated groceries, medical and other things. We spend some time with them and also shared meals with them. Alhumdullilah it was a great day for us on the occasion of #Compassion Day (Yaum-e-Rehmat). We will try our best to keep this good work in the future also in a well-organized manner.

List of things distributed at the old age home:

Groceries :
Rice – 25kg
Wheat flour- 50kg
Sugar- 5kg
Toor Dal- 5kg
Sunflower oil- 5L
Coffee- 500g
Vim bar- 20
Dettol soap -40
Rin Powder – 5 kg
Floor cleaner – 5 L
Room freshener- 5 bottles
CFL bulbs- 10

Other items:
Adult Diapers medium and large size – 10 each
Dettol liquid – 1L
Thermometer – 2

We have arranged for 50 masala dosa for lunch and sweets also.
If we will be left with some extra money then we can have a look at whatever other requirements we can fulfill by visiting there.


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