Clean Up Drive at KavdiPat – River Mula Mutha

Members of Swachh Pune Swachh Bharat, a Pune based volunteer organization has been cleaning the Kavadipat area for the last four years. The efforts to clean the area and bringing back the natural habitat of the area for the migratory birds is a challenge which these volunteers are ably carrying out.

The members are led by Wg Cdr Puneet Sharma (Veteran) who has been holding such clean up drives across the city and making people realise the importance of maintaining the ecological balance to save the species on the verge of extinction come back to their natural habitat.

WORK volunteers participated in the event for consecutive 3 Sundays from 7 am to 10 am.

Bringing back the natural habitat of birds in Kavadipat is essential; says Puneet Sharma

Pune: Mega Clean Up Drive At Kawadipat On September 26 By Swachh Pune Swachh Bharat


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