The Vision


The world is in turmoil. Human beings are at war with their Creator, with nature and living beings, with each other and with their own selves. They have either discarded the Creator or lost contact with Him, forgetting the very purpose of their existence in this world and lost sight of the life Hereafter

God had revealed guidance for human kind through His chosen ones, the prophets, culminating the process with the revelation of Al-Qur’an, the Final Word of God through His Last Messenger and Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) that would not be corrupted and would remain safe from interpolation till the end. Those who claimed to be the followers of Qur’an and Muhammad (S.A.W.) and were entrusted with the mission of guiding and leading the human kind, have lost sight of their mission. They are divided in to sects fighting each other for domination and promoting their personal, petty and selfish interests. God had fixed a time-limit for those who claimed to surrender their will to God, the Muslims to mend their ways and forewarned through His Word and the Prophet that the role of leadership will be changed when another bulk of people will realize the Truth and come forward to take the World to the Age of Truth, Satyug. The only Deen or Dharma preferred and taught by God will prevail.

We believe that the time of that promised age is very near.

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  1. a/s allama
    after listening your taqreer/ speech now , i understand . what is islam … really amazing truth observation .

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