The Transformation of Human Civilization through Innovation and Invention: A Quranic Perspective (Part 6)

Quran’s Invitation and ways to Understand and gain Wisdom

Quran at multiple places emphasises to understand things.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] According to the Quran, if someone practices the actions opposite to that what he propagates among the folks then such person over time (because of his continuous hypocrite behaviour) shall be devoid of understanding[8][9] as they do not comprehend.[10] Quran says that it (Quran) has been revealed with clarity by giving evidences and proofs and hence the reader of the Scripture should develop the same attitude.[11][12][13][14] Quran clearly forbids indulging in absurdity.[15]

According to Quran, a successful person is always result oriented and abstains from anything that breeds no fruits.[16][17][18]


According to Quran the ability to judge with such a reason and logic utilizing ones faculties of perception that brings him to the most optimised consequence is one of the greater gifts of God.[19] One of the objectives of the message of Quran is to teach wisdom.[20] Quran establishes the laws through which God Almighty bestows wisdom[21][22][23]

[1] Al-Quran, Chapter-4, (Surah Nisa), Verse- 78

What is it then with these people! They almost do not comprehend any discourse.


So, what has gone wrong with these people that they do not feel inclined to understand anything?

[2] Al-Quran, Chapter-6, (Surah Anam), Verse- 65

See how We explain the signs by various (symbols); that they may understand.

[3] Al-Quran, Chapter-6, (Surah Anam), Verse- 98

We have certainly set out in detail the signs and proofs (of the truth) for a people seeking to attain profound understanding.

[4] Al-Quran, Chapter-8, (Surah Anfal), Verse- 65

For they (who chose to reject the faith) are a people who do not ponder and seek to penetrate the essence of matters in order to comprehend and thus understand (grasp the truth).

[5] Al-Quran, Chapter-9, (Surah Taubah), Verse- 127

Allah’s Law turns their hearts away because they are a people who do not use their faculties of understanding.

[6] Al-Quran, Chapter-9, (Surah Taubah), Verse- 87

And a seal has been set upon their hearts, so they cannot ponder and penetrate the essence of matters to grasp the truth (understand).

[7] Al-Quran, Chapter-48, (Surah Al-Fath), Verse- 15

But the fact is that they are lacking in discernment and understanding, except a very little.

[8] Al-Quran, Chapter-63, (Surah Munafiqoon), Verse- 3

This, because they profess (before you) that they have believed whereas afterward (among their folk) they reject the Truth. And so a seal has been set upon their hearts, thus they understand not. (Variation between utterance and action hampers the power of reasoning within human psyche).

[9] Al-Quran, Chapter-2, (Surah Munafiqoon), Verse- 44

Do you enforce right conduct on the people, and forget (to practice it) yourselves, and yet you study the Scripture? Will you not understand?

[10] Al-Quran, Chapter-63, (Surah Munafiqoon), Verse- 7

But the hypocrites do not comprehend.

[11] Al-Quran, Chapter-5, (Surah Maidah), Verse- 15

Assuredly, there has come to you from God a light (which enlightens your minds and hearts, and illuminates your way), and a Book manifest in itself and manifesting the truth,


Indeed there came to you intellectual illumination and enlightenment and a Book standing manifest of glory, knowledge and spiritual light.

[12] Al-Quran, Chapter-5, (Surah Maidah), Verse- 89

Thus Allah make clear to you His Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) that you may be grateful.


God thus makes His Commandments clear to you so that you may show gratitude [for having laws for every situation and know what your responsibilities are.]

[13]Al-Quran, Chapter-11, (Surah Hud), Verse- 1

(This is) a Book, the Verses whereof are perfected (in every sphere of knowledge, etc.), and then explained in detail from One (Allah), Who is All-Wise and Well-Acquainted (with all things).


A Book its verses/evidences were perfected/tightened , then were detailed/explained/clarified from at/by (a) wise/judicious, expert/experienced .

[14]Al-Quran, Chapter-15, (Surah Hijr), Verse- 1

These are the Verses of the (Glorious) Book and the Enlightening/ Plain/ Clear/ Lucid/ Manifest/ Perspicuous/Veritable/Profound/Evident/Luminous Qur’an.

[15]Al-Quran, Chapter-5, (Surah Maidah), Verse- 101

O’ Believers, do not ask [absurd, useless & unnecessary] questions about matters, which, if explained in detail, would cause hardship upon you

[16] Al-Quran, Chapter-23, (Surah Muminoon), Verse- 1, 2, 3

Indeed, have succeeded the Believers, Those who in their prayers they are humble/submissive. and those: they are those who keep (themselves) away from Al-Laghw (frivolous, vain conversation, idle talk, meaningless talk, worthless, impious talk, ill speech, vulgarity, nonsense, useless, indecent matters, absurdity, slander, empty discourse and engagements)

[17] Al-Quran, Chapter-28, (Surah Qasas), Verse- 55

whenever they hear something Laghw (silly & obscene, frivolous, vain conversation, idle talk, meaningless talk, worthless, impious talk, ill speech, vulgarity, nonsense, useless, indecent matters, absurdity, slander, empty discourse and engagements), they withdraw from it decently and say, “To us our deeds and to you yours; Peace be upon you, we do not seek to join the ignorant.

[18] Al-Quran, Chapter-25, (Surah Furqan), Verse- 72

And these are the people who do not attend (both verbally and practically) the false and untruthful matters, and when they pass by Laghw (evil activities), they pass on (observing caution) with utmost nobility and dignity.

[19] Al-Quran, Chapter-2, (Surah Baqrah), Verse- 269

He bestows wisdom according to His Laws. And whoever is granted wisdom has indeed been granted a great wealth. And only people of understanding remain mindful of what they learn. (Using their perceptual and conceptual faculties can help the humans attain wisdom).


He gives wisdom to whom He wills, and whoever is given wisdom is certainly given a lot of good. Only the people of understanding observe the advice.

[20] Al-Quran, Chapter-36, (Surah Yasin), Verse- 2

By the Quran, full of wisdom (i.e. full of laws, evidences, and proofs),

[21] Al-Quran, Chapter-12, (Surah Yusuf), Verse- 22

When Joseph reached his prime, We gave him wisdom and knowledge, since he lived upright. This is Our Law that We bestow knowledge and wisdom on those who live a balanced life in youth (Muhsinoon). (By following the principles of Justice established by the Quran)


And when he (Yoosuf (Joseph)) attained his full manhood, We gave him wisdom and knowledge, thus We reward the Muhsinoon (doers of good). 

[22] Al-Quran, Chapter-28, (Surah Qasas), Verse- 14

When he (Moses) become matured and grow to manhood, We granted him wisdom and knowledge. Thus do We reward the righteous ones (Muhsin).

[23] Al-Quran, Chapter-2, (Surah Baqrah), Verse- 112

Yes, but whoever submits his face (himself) to Allah (follows the principles of Allah’s Religion as established by the Quran) and he is a Muhsin (good-doer i.e. performs good deeds totally for Allah’s sake and through the principles established by the Quran only without any show off or to gain praise or fame, etc., and in accordance with the Sunnah of Allah’s Messenger) then his reward is with his Lord (Allah), on such shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.

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