The Transformation of Human Civilization through Innovation and Invention: A Quranic Perspective (Part 5)

An Invitation to Ponder

Quran has asked to ponder over the allegories and analogies given in several verses.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9] In few of the verses of Quran, it seems as though the purpose of the previous Scriptures as well as the Glorious Quran is that people may reflect/ponder over its message.[10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19] Quran at multiple places questioned “Do you not comprehend/reason/understand/contemplate/reflect/ponder?”[20][21][22][23][24][25][26][27]

[1] Al-Quran, Chapter-59, (Surah Hashr), Verse- 21

And these are similitude’s We set forth for mankind that they may reflect.

[2] Al-Quran, Chapter-7, (Surah Araf), Verse- 176

So, relate the chronicles, so that they may ponder.

[3] Al-Quran, Chapter-10, (Surah Yunus), Verse- 24

Thus clearly do We spell out these messages unto people who think!

[4] Al-Quran, Chapter-13, (Surah Ar-Raad), Verse- 3

Surely in that are signs (manifesting the truth) for people who reflect.

[5]  Al-Quran, Chapter-16, (Surah Nahl), Verse- 11

This is indeed a convincing sign for those who reflect on the Universal order.

[6]Al-Quran, Chapter-16, (Surah Nahl), Verse- 69

Lo! herein is indeed a portent for people who reflect.

[7] Al-Quran, Chapter-30, (Surah Rum), Verse- 21

Surely, in this are indeed lessons for those who think and ponder.

[8] Al-Quran, Chapter-39, (Surah Az-Zumar), Verse- 42

Surely in that are signs (important lessons) for people who reflect and are mindful.

[9] Al-Quran, Chapter-45, (Surah Jathiyah), Verse- 13

Here, there and everywhere are signs with prodigies emblematic of Omnipotence and Authority sensed by those who consider matters and ponder their cause.

[10] Al-Quran, Chapter-16, (Surah Nahl), Verse- 44

With the evidences and The Books, and We descended to you the reminder/remembrance to clarify/show/explain to the people what was descended to them, and that they may meditate/ponder/reflect/think.


With the clear portents and the ancient scrolls, We caused to descend the Remembrance to thee that thou wilt make manifest to humanity what was sent down to them and so that perhaps they may give thought.

[11]Al-Quran, Chapter-47, (Surah Mohammad), Verse- 24

Do they not meditate earnestly on the Qur’an, or are there locks on the hearts (which bar them from reason) (that are particular to them so that they are as if deaf and blind, and incapable of understanding the truth)?

[12] Al-Quran, Chapter-4, (Surah Nisa), Verse- 82

Do they not contemplate the Qur’an (so that they may be convinced that it is from God)? Had it been from any other than God, they would surely have found in it much (incoherence or) inconsistency/ incongruity/controversies/contradictions/discrepancies/conflict.

[13] Al-Quran, Chapter-2, (Surah Baqrah), Verse- 242

Thus, Allah makes His Revelations clear for you. Now, it is up to you to use your intellect.


Thus Allah makes clear His commandments for you: it is expected that you will use your common sense.


Thus Allah explains to you His Ayaat perchance you may use your intelligence.


Thus, Allah explicates to you people His revelations that you may hopefully reflect/ponder/comprehend.

[14] Al-Quran, Chapter-3, (Surah Ale-Imran), Verse- 118

Certainly, We have made evident to you the signs (to understand) if you were using (your) intellect.

[15]Al-Quran, Chapter-6, (Surah Anam), Verse- 32

The life of this world is a play and a passing delight in comparison to the Eternal Life. The abode of the Hereafter is far better for those who live according to the Divine Laws. Will you not use Reason?


Indeed life here is but an illusion and rapid change of feeling, fancy and thought and an amusement bringing happiness to those who cannot think, whereas, the abode in heaven’s realm Hereafter is far better and indeed blissful but for those who entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Allah; can you people not reflect!

[16]Al-Quran, Chapter-12, (Surah Yusuf), Verse- 2

Behold, We have bestowed it from on high as a discourse in the Arabic tongue, so that you might encompass it with your reason.


God has revealed this Book to you in Arabic language (and not in an exotic language as you are demanding—as a miracle!) so that you may understand it.


It is a Book We have revealed in Arabic literary form, that you people may hopefully comprehend its inimitability and employ the faculty of reason in forming conclusions.


Indeed, We revealed the (readable, comprehendible) Quran in Arabic (from the essential reality of man denoted by the Beautiful Names, from the dimension of Knowledge to the consciousness of man) so that you may evaluate it with your reason.

[17] Al-Quran, Chapter-43, (Surah Yusuf), Verse- 3

Indeed, We have made it an Arabic Quran, so that you may use your intellect (understand and evaluate it)!

[18] Al-Quran, Chapter-57, (Surah Hadid), Verse- 17

Surely, We made manifest the signs to you so that perhaps you will be reasonable.

[19] Al-Quran, Chapter-21, (Surah Anbiya), Verse- 10

Verily We have revealed to you a Book in which are things for you to ponder over, remember and abide by. Do you then not use your intelligence to understand it?

[20] Al-Quran, Chapter-7, (Surah Araf), Verse- 169

[21] Al-Quran, Chapter-10, (Surah Yunus), Verse- 16

[22] Al-Quran, Chapter-11, (Surah Hud), Verse- 51

[23] Al-Quran, Chapter-12, (Surah Hud), Verse- 109

[24] Al-Quran, Chapter-23, (Surah Muminoon), Verse- 80

[25] Al-Quran, Chapter-21, (Surah Anbiya), Verse- 67

[26] Al-Quran, Chapter-36, (Surah Yasin), Verse- 62

[27] Al-Quran, Chapter-37, (Surah Saffat), Verse- 138

Will you not then understand/comprehend/reason/contemplate/reflect/ponder/think?

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