The Transformation of Human Civilization through Innovation and Invention: A Quranic Perspective (Part 1)


In this study, author will try to establish the methods propounded by the Quran for the development and evolution of any civilization with respect to its cutting edge technological progress by boosting the pertinent economic activities of the community. The basic principles of scientific methodology postulated in the Quran shall also be taken into account. The comprehensive mechanism for developing the attitude of innovation and inventions in a society as advocated by the Quran will also be discussed.

The evolution of a civilization is integral to the innovative attitude of the individuals of the society. When such attitude is motivated and translated into the result oriented research via team work, a whirlpool of inventions and discoveries is created leading to transformation of the society. The organizations and the production units cannot actively participate in research & development activities until they have handsome funds to carry out research. The fund generated in any organisation is directly proportional to the demand in the market while demand in market is correlated to the willingness of expenditure of the individuals. The demand in the market is created when the money flows to the lower and needy class of the society. The readers of the Quran shall be highly motivated to spend their wealth in a very wide spectrum of ways with positive attitude and with a recommendatory focus on giving away to the poor, orphans and the needy. This will maintain the threshold demand in the market and proper economic flow since the needy class of the society is ready to spend on their basic needs.

The expression of Quran “Almighty Lord keeps on creating”[1] establishes that God have created all the means to create novel entities. It is the responsibility of human beings to develop the innovative attitude and inventing the novel entities utilizing the means of creation (Created by Almighty Lord) through the process of research and development (Manthan). The people of faith are invited by the Quran for utilizing the lawful novel products.[2]

[1] Al-Quran, Chapter-16, (Surah Al-Nahl), Verse- 8

And He creates things of which you have no knowledge.

[2] Al-Quran, Chapter-7, (Surah Araf), Verse- 32

Say, “Who has forbidden the beauty and nice things Allah has brought forth for His servants, and the pure clean things of your choice?” Say, “Such things are for those in this world who practically believe in the Divine Laws. And on the Day of Resurrection they will be exclusively for those who attained Conviction.” We thus explain Our Laws for those who make good use of what they learn”.

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  • September 9, 2020
    Faiz Hussain

    The way in which you stated the perspective and vision of quran regarding zakat and sadaqat is really appreciable. The best thing is that whatever has written in this article is written with perspective and references it is also an important thing ….I just pray to my Lord May Allah fullfil your all Aims and targets and your vision…Regarding the transformation of ummat….


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