Laws against Rapists

I think that a movement should be launched to force the govt. to legislate the following:
All rapists in all circumstances should get a capital punishment. No clemency, in cases of rape should be given to anyone owing to his/her constitutional status, be they even judges or governors. (Age of the offender or victim is immaterial. The cancer of rape is to be removed).

  • All such accomplices of rapists or those shielding them, who are law-makers or Law-enforcers (including the governors of a state, the judges, the ministers, M.Ps, M.L.As, politicians and police men) should get a capital punishment.
  • All such accomplices of rapists shielding them who are ordinary citizen (not being law makers or law enforcers), including the kin of the rapist, must be castrated in all circumstances. In case of such accomplices or protectors being women, their genitalia should be removed.
  • In cases of rape and murder, the properties of rapists along with their accomplices and those who shield them should be confiscated in addition to the above punishments.
  • No relief should be given to juvenile rapists if they are medically and physically capable of committing a rape.
  • The molesters of women including the repeatedly eve teasers must be rusticated if students, terminated from jobs, whether in govt. or private jobs and those institutions or employers not complying with this must be punished. Those offenders who are unemployed should be expelled from the district.
  • The victims must be allowed to file the FIR of rape or molestation in any police station of the country and those officers who refuse to register such FIRs must immediately be suspended.
  • The rape accused must immediately be arrested.
  • All rape cases must be heard by a fast track court.

But there must be safeguards against false accusations in view of such stringent laws.

  • The false accuser must get the same punishment as the accused would have got if he/she had committed the crime.
  • The definition of rape in Section 375 must be modified to exclude the husbands in legal marriage with the accuser wife irrespective of wife’s age. Other laws could be framed for such situations.

The definition of rape must be modified to exclude the following accused:

  • Against whom the victim does not file a report of rape within a reasonable time after the said crime.
  • With whom or to whom the victim visited to a secluded home or place at unreasonable time or odd hours with her own free will.
  • To whom the said victim visited repeatedly after the first rape without reporting the rape to the authorities.
  • With whom the said victim made consensual sex under any pretext whether it be the false promise of marriage or job or whatsoever. Such cases must be categorized as cheating.

Boys/Men should also get the right of being safe from the sexual advances or teasing by girls/women against their wishes.


  • September 29, 2020
    Basher ahmad

    I agree with you


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