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Introduction In this study, author will try to establish the methods propounded by the Quran for the development and evolution of any civilization with respect to its cutting edge technological progress by boosting the pertinent economic activities of the community. The basic principles of scientific methodology postulated in the Quran shall also be taken into account. The comprehensive mechanism for developing the attitude of innovation and inventions in a society as advocated by the Quran will also be discussed. The evolution of a civilization is integral

Quran emphasised on distribution of wealth among the Poor and Needy The Obligatory Spending (Zakat) Quran adopted two modes for the distribution of wealth; obligatory (Zakat) and voluntary (Sadaqat). Quran promotes obligatory spending at many places.[1]-[2]-[3]-[4]-[5]-[6]-[7]-[8]-[9]-[10]-[11]-[12]-[13]-[14]-[15]-[16]-[17]-[18]-[19]-[20]-[21]-[22]-[23]-[24]-[25] Table-1 Characteristics of people who spend in way of AllahReferenceGod ConsciousMuttaqeen2:2,3RighteousnessBir2:1773:92Righteous, Good DoersMohsin2:1953:134Loan to AllahQardan Hasanan2:245Gardens with River (Paradise) 3:15,16,17Nothing is against them (No Fear)Alayhim4:39Great Reward (for Promoting Charity)Ajran Azeem4:114Loan to Allah, Remitting Sins, Gardens with River (Paradise)Qardan Hasanan5:12Expiation/AtonementKaffara5:45Ranks, Forgiveness, ProvisionDarjaat, Maghfirat, Rizq8:3,4Fully RepaidYuwaffa8:60RighteousSwaleheen9:7563:10Purify/Cleanse & BlessingsTahir, Wasalli         9:103Means of RepentanceTawwab9:104RewardYajzi12:88Home (in Paradise)Daar13:22HumbleMukhbitin22:34,35Double RewardAjrahum

Quran emphasised on distribution of wealth among the Poor and Needy The Voluntary Spending (Zakat) The voluntary mode spending is also discussed in the Quran comprehensively. According to the Quran, spending in a lawful manner is one of the characteristics of righteous and pious people.[1]-[2]-[3]-[4]-[5] Quran promotes the humans to spend their wealth for the needy folks of society and consider it an integral part of humanity.[6]-[7]-[8]-[9]-[10] Quran also clarifies the magnitude of wealth that should be spent in the ways as established by the Scripture.[11]

Quran and the Pillars of Scientific Attitude According to the Quran, nothing will change unless we change our attitudes[1]-[2] in a way that it may bring a shiny tomorrow (Result Oriented Efforts for the future of this world as well as hereafter)[3] and travel to explore the consequences of the mistakes of earlier nations.[4] According to Quran, keeping oneself away from conjecture, strong observations and result oriented efforts are the three pillars of scientific attitude. Observation Quran explicitly emphasised to observe the nature and natural phenomena.[5]-[6]-[7]-[8] According to

An Invitation to Ponder Quran has asked to ponder over the allegories and analogies given in several verses.[1]-[2]-[3]-[4]-[5]-[6]-[7]-[8]-[9] In few of the verses of Quran, it seems as though the purpose of the previous Scriptures as well as the Glorious Quran is that people may reflect/ponder over its message.[10]-[11]-[12]-[13]-[14]-[15]-[16]-[17]-[18]-[19] Quran at multiple places questioned “Do you not comprehend/reason/understand/contemplate/reflect/ponder?”[20]-[21]-[22]-[23]-[24]-[25]-[26]-[27] [1] Al-Quran, Chapter-59, (Surah Hashr), Verse- 21 And these are similitude’s We set forth for mankind that they may reflect. [2] Al-Quran, Chapter-7, (Surah Araf), Verse- 176 So, relate the chronicles,

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