The Mission

  • To promote inter-faith dialogue to remove the widespread misinformation and misunderstandings among each other.
  • To remove misinformation and misunderstandings about Islam and Qur’an.
  • To promote the interfaith understanding by encouraging the people of different faith to know more about each other’s beliefs.
  • To make an effort to unite the people of different faith on the basis of common grounds and beliefs between them so that they may proceed to discuss the points of differences in a spirit of brother-hood and one family created by One God.
  • To make the proclaimed Muslims realize that only the deeper understanding of Al-Qur’an can bind themselves and remove their sectarian differences, bringing them back to their assigned role and lost glory.
  • To propagate the study and exploration of Al-Qur’an in such a way that the unchanged laws of nature created by God and its modern scientific knowledge should also be used in the understanding of Deen-e-Fitrat, Swa-Dharma, the natural straight Path.
  • To help and serve the people in distress without distinction of caste, creed, culture or religion.  
  • To become a part of the Divine Process that would ultimately culminate on the entrance of the human race in to the Age of Truth or Satyug.

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