The Founder – Acharya Maulana Shams Naved Usmani


“A voice in the wilderness”
 In a two-room rented apartment at Mohallah Angoori Bagh of an Indian city, Rampur, lived a man, spending most of his time in prayers, vigil, in bewailing upon the humanity and in remaining absorbed in studies. In the spare time he used to meditate upon the problems created by humanity going stray from its Creator.

Research and meditation gave him the solution, and the Qur’an answered his investigations thus : “ Verily (the truth revealed in) the Qur’an is (also) in the Scriptures of the former people”. Hadith revealed to him, “ The people replacing (Muslims) will believe at last but through their own Scriptures”. .He did not stop there. Research became his goal. When he studied the previous editions of the revealed Word of God, that had been forgotten with the passage of time and had succumbed to the thick layers of dust, in the light of the Qur’an, the last and the most authentic divine revelation, the distances contracted and the dust vanished; the truth and the false hood became obvious. He had found answer to his questions.

 Towards the end of the 14thcentury Hijrah (1979 AD) he suffered from yet another mental blow because of the disturbance that occurred in Ka’abah. One of the pretenders of Mehdiyat desecrated Ka’abah for a fortnight and for the first time in last 1400 years, Ka’abah was deprived of Adhan, prayers and circumbulation — Ka’abah, which according to his research is unanimously acknowledged as the First House as well as the Root of the Earth by the Qur’an and all other scriptures. The desecration of Ka’abah caused a commotion in his mind. ‘As a result of this commotion this man, who till then was a mere school teacher, thought again. ‘The disturbances have even crept in the House of God and I am still concerned with my livelihood!” He opted for premature retirement and decided to dedicate his whole time for the cause of his Lord God. The time had come to enlighten others by the knowledge that God bestowed him with, during the six years of hard struggle. A very meagre income, a little experience of writing, his words revealed his heart. He took to the streets, stopped everyone whom he knew and narrated to them the sad story of the entire humanity. And, while at home, whatever time was saved after research and studies, he implored humbly and earnestly before God. The scenario changed amazingly: people who used to call him a genius, began to call him insane. Those who used to take him for an embodiment of virtuosity labelled him as an opportunist and government agent; and those who up to then acknowledged him as God-fearing started calling him one who had gone astray. Many people even agreed with him and began visiting him in order to listen to his words, but what about cooperating with his mission? This path seemed to be full of dangers, afflictions, and sufferings. To praise and be a well wisher was good but to join as a preacher demanded zeal and courage. For this, they were not prepared. A few enthusiastic inspired young men joined him. They completely dedicated themselves, under his able guidance, to religion and religious cause. The inhabitants of Rampur knew this man by the name of Shams Naved Usmani.
Acharya Maulana Shams Naved Usmani, was an avid scholar of Islamic, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Jain and Sikh scriptures. He was an extremely kind hearted person of saintly disposition loving every one without any distinction. Never in his whole lifetime, was he heard uttering even a single harsh sentence about any one. Even his enemies and ardent opponents swore by his piousness. Those who opposed his mission used to visit him to be recharged of spirituality.

On the morning of August 26, 1993 his worldly life abruptly came to an end when he rose for Tahajjud (a prayer before dawn). He was survived by his life-mate Mrs. Khadeja Naved Usmani. He had no issues and said that his disciples were his sons and daughters.    

In 1990 he granted permission to his disciple Syed Abdullah Tariq to form an organization to take the message of Truth to the people. He himself named the Organization as ‘World Organisation of Religions & Knowledge’ (WORK) and asked his other disciples to follow Syed Abdullah Tariq in organizational matters.

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