Neil Armstrong Conversion to Islam

Is it true that Neil Armstrong heard the Azaan and saw split marks on the moon, and then converted to Islam?


‘Azaan on Moon’ Question answered by Syed Abdullah Tariq in ‘Islamic Voice’

Q. In my school days I heard a rumour that the astronaut Neil Armstrong heard Azan when he first stepped on the moon? If this is true, then surely it was the Almighty’s proclamation that even if humans have reached the moon, Allah is the greatest. Later on other expeditions to moon, it was found that once our Prophet (Pbuh) split the moon in two equal halves by pointing his finger at it.

Are these rumours true and did Neil Armstrong embrace Islam?

Syed Muzaffar Jamil, Earbil.

Ans. Neil Armstrong never embraced Islam and it is wrong that he heard Azaan when he stepped over the moon. Armstrong himself refuted the rumour when it was widespread among Muslims throughout the world. The Prophet’s (Pbuh) miracle apart, the man has not yet found any visible sign on the moon of its cracking into two halves.

Please understand that Allah’s greatness is proved by the startling organisation in this amazingly huge universe rather than the chaos and the un-natural phenomenon’s. Likewise, the supremacy of Islam lies in the continuous pouring of proofs from the universe in support of its principles and declarations which by the passing of each day prove that it is religion of nature, other than the breaker of the nature’s principles. Before the age of science, the Prophets were given such miracles that astonished people, but even then, nobody accepted the Prophets because of their miracles except a very minuscule minority. Though Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) was also given a large number of such miracles but the Almighty Allah, instead of calling them ‘Signs’ named more than 600 ayahs of the holy Qur’an his ‘Signs’ given to the Prophet (Pbuh). The miracles loose their existence with the person to whom they were assigned but the greatest Signs ever given by the Lord to any Human being ever, the Qur’an will exist till the last day. Hazrat Musa’s (A.S) and Hazrat Eisa’s born-alive are no more, the Thorat and Injeel do not exist in original, but the Sign given to Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) is a living sign. The holy Prophet (Pbuh) himself declared that the miracles of Qur’an will never cease to go on unraveling until the last day.

Concentrate upon his great Sign of Allah to amaze people and make them accept the Lord’s greatness and Islam’s truth. You will never be disappointed like you might have felt disappointment over the fallacy of miraculous rumours of discovery of lack in the moon and the echo of Azaan in the outer space. Please also remember that the disbelievers can always come up with false claims of greater miracles than the actual miracles of the Prophet of Allah but they can never come up and compete with anything more starting than Qur’an.

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