Intercaste Marriages


Q.1. I am a Hindu. Recently near our colony a Hindu boy married a Muslim girl. Later I am told that before the marriage, the Hindu boy was being asked to change his religion from Hinduism to Islam. In this case, why cannot the girl change her religion to marry the boy?

K. Ravi, Behrampur

2. A Hindu woman married a Muslim man and is following Hinduism. She did not undergo Nikah. They kept Hindu names of their children and did not perform their circumcision. All of them including the husband talk Kannada in their home. This man neither married nor is having any relationship with any other women. What is the Islamic law in this case?

(XXX. Bijapur)

3. A Muslim married a Hindu. Both of them remained in their respective religions and it was known to all the relatives, friends and accquaintance that the Muslim spouse continue his/her/Muslim identity. Will his/her Namaz-e-Janaza be offered by the Muslims and will he/she be allowed to be buried in the Muslim burial ground?

Under orders from a local Moulvi, the residents of the locality did not offer Namaz-e-Janaza in such a case and did not allow the burial in the Muslim burial ground. Is it right?

If the children of the above couple and free to choose the faith of their liking from any of the two religions, what will happen if they die before maturity?

C.M. Jadwet, Calcutta

A.1. Islam does not approve of idolatry and assigning attributes of one God, to any other person or entity. The above sin will not be forgiven on the Day of Judgement. Although in recommends good peaceful relations with the peace loving non-Muslims, a compromise on faith is not permitted. As there shall be no re-birth in this world and a soul has its eternal abode in either the paradise or hell, how can Islam allow a Muslim to prefer burring in hell-fire by getting out of Islam for marriage? Qur’an has warned the Muslims thus. “Believers, fear Allah as your rightly should and do not die except as Muslim” (Surah Al-Imran 3:102)

A.2. There is no harm if they speak Kannada. A language has not bearing on religion. Even keeping the local names of the children, provided the meaning of the name is not Mushrikana or Unislamic and not getting them circumcised could be ignored, but the very fact that he is living with a Hindu woman, makes him a perpetual and consistent sinner. As for his punishment in Islamic law, it is irrelevant because if cannot be implemented.

A.3.Living constantly under sin does not make a person murtad (a renegade). Those wishing to offer his/her funeral prayer should not be barred from even motivated against it. There also is not justification in not letting the body be buried in the Muslim burial ground.

The children who do not attain the age of accountability, do not suffer for the misdeeds of their parents. They shall enter paradise.

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