Now or Never

Now or Never

The book which created a sensation in Urdu circles and transformed the outlook of more than a million Muslims vis-a-vis their Hindu brethern and Sanatan Dharma.
Based on a part of comparative religious work of the great Saint and Scholar Maulana Acharya Shams Naved Usmani, 'Agar ab bhi na jaage to'--- written by his favourite disciple Syed Abdullah Tariq, has
now been translated by Dr. A. H. Tak, reader dept. of English, Srinagar University, for the English readers to provide them with an insight into Sanatan Dharma in the light of Islam.

About the Book

The current fanaticism and enmity between diverse religious communities-including Indian Muslims and Hindus-can be evaded by guiding them towards their real Creator-God. An important beginning in this direction is to stress the need of mutual respect and reconciliation by emphasizing commonalities and similarities among different religious communities, and work for peace, justice and brother hood, it is to be inculcated in every human mind, to whatever faith he belongs, that we are living on the same planet, sharing the same goals of life, family, food shelter, security, education, health, happiness, progress and freedom for ourselves and for others, though we may differ on methods, ways and means of achieving and realizing
them. This will also help us eliminate narcotics, promiscuity, violence and many other evils of materialism, nihilism and fascism that are plaguing our society. We shall discover that we have much more in common than we could ever imagine. This will also bridge the gulf caused by our incredible ignorance and illiteracy about each other’s beliefs and practices. It is not impossible, provided we are faithful so such ideals and values and do something practical rather than pay a lip service of them. Moreover, we must get rid of the systematic hypocrisy of proclaiming one vision of mankind and living out a world of fundamentalism. Fanaticism and religious prejudices against one another. We should attempt to straighten the tangle in which people find other, and that we are in some sense incomplete with out the others, and that we should be at each
other’s service particularly in fighting against anti-religious force who do violence to the spirit of respect and reconciliation.
In this direction Maulana Shams Naved Usmani’s endeavors-particularly his thoughts presented by the books “Agar ab bhi na jage to” (Urdu) and “Kitne dur kitne pas” (Hindi) are highly commendable.

These books are concise, informative and impressive, opening new horizons of knowledge. Here Maulana tells us what belongs to Revelation and what is the product of human interpretation in Hinduism and Islam. It should be kept in mid that Maulana neither intends to cast aspertions upon Hindu Scriptures nor impose new meanings upon Islam but attempts to reveal new, and previously unthought-of dimensions in our understanding of the Holy Scriptures. These attempts verily prompt us to meditate upon those factors which, in this age of ours, should spiritually unite- rather than divide-Hindus and Muslims. May God succeed him in his efforts and reward Allama Syed Abdullah Tariq for his conscientiousness and dedication in unraveling this hidden treasure to posterity.

Genre: Religion
Publisher: Raushni Publishing House Bazar Nasrullah Khan Rampur, 244 901 (U.P)
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