Corrupt Cultures in the Name of Religion

Posted 1 year ago by Work Global

Corruption is the misuse of entrusted power for personal or private gain. Generally speaking, corruption exists when a person in power has the right to make decisions that concern others whose interests are at stake. The interested parties will try to find ways and means of getting what they want. One of the common ways is to offer the person in power certain favours so that, the decision is made to his advantage. This could happen only, if the decision maker is willing to accept the favour offered to him.

In its essence Deen is a code of life for all humans that define the way of obtaining success and prosperity in this world and hereafter. Deen, when kept pure has and will done remarkable things for mankind. But when corruption enters in the name of Deen, it becomes religion – Religion, on the other hand is a distorted or corrupted form of Deen which gradually regulate the teachings of Deen to fit corrupt perspective and greed, and consequently, the Deen becomes religion. It is religion (corrupted or distorted form of Deen) which is responsible for incredible suffering.

Watch the full #JummaKhutbah for complete understanding.

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